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NABP Specialty Pharmacy

Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation

National Association of Boards of Pharmacy

Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation signifies to patients, payers, and providers that the pharmacy organization is recognized for an advanced level of patient care services, quality, and safety.

NABP Digital Pharmacy

Digital Pharmacy Accreditation

National Association of Boards of Pharmacy

Digital Pharmacy Accreditation signifies to patients and payers that the pharmacy has an internet presence and that the pharmacy meets the highest standards of pharmacy care and complies with the licensing requirements of its state and each state to which it practices pharmacy.

URAC Accred-SPP-WatsonRX

URAC Specialty Pharmacy

Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation


Benefits of URAC accreditation include:

  • Patient and provider satisfaction through gathering, monitoring and improving quality measures
  • Contracting differentiation with payers, manufacturers and other stakeholders
  • Practical roadmap for ongoing improvement with infrastructure, processes and efficiencies
  • Risk management peace-of-mind with standards that prevent, protect and manage liabilities

URAC Mail Service Pharmacy

Mail Service Pharmacy Accreditation


  • Builds on URAC Specialty Pharmacy Accreditation and focuses on distribution components
  • Promotes safety and accuracy in dispensing practices
  • Supports medication distribution processes for appropriate temperature ranges
  • Reflects foundational standards on risk management, consumer empowerment, and performance management
URAC Accred-MSP-WatsonRX
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